Blockchain V R Gambling Offered By Alive Casino

Published Wednesday, September 12, 2018 -
Blockchain V R Gambling Offered By Alive Casino

The use of artificial intelligence has been making its way through the internet betting industry creating new venues for those gamblers that seek the new and different venues made available through technology. The latest trend that savvy players are experiencing is virtual reality which is getting more and more sophisticated every day. Alive Casino is taking wagering to a new level of excitement. The Alive Casino platform provides players with a blockchain platform that utilizes Virtual Reality technology for betting.

The Alive Entertainment Company which is located in Costa Rica has claimed it is the very first firm to bring virtual reality games to the public. The 360 degree view of a terrestrial casino is presented in the virtual reality mode giving the player control in the VR environment.

The project set up by the company is based on the principles of “keeping things alive.” The aim is to create a living, thriving, secure alternative for gambling participants. There is a clear direction for the unique platform. The focus has been divided into short and long-term goals. A private token sale is offered with Alive Casino selling 15% of its AL tokens to raise the funding for its platform development. The AL tokens have a set value of $0.015 per unit, which can be purchased against payment in ETH.

Besides the Virtual Reality factor Alive Casino will be including an integrated social networking system and a blockchain based secure payment system. Using blockchain creates transparency, security, and automation. Utilizing certified Random Number Generators with blockchain integration makes for the creation of a truly accessible platform. Transferring funds to the platform is through the Alive multi wallet system. The wallets will be personal, as per user’s preferences and secure with the use of blockchain technology.

The company’s short and long term goals are realistic and attainable. The virtual reality blockchain concept presented by Alive Casino is going to do its best to provide a new exciting gambling experience.






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