Crackdown In Asian Gambling Jurisdictions

Published Thursday, September 13, 2018 -
Crackdown In Asian Gambling Jurisdictions

The numbers that the Asian news sources used to describe the recent crackdown in Malaysia where the online news source The Star says over 22,000 people have been arrested in gambling raids this past year are hard to comprehend. The number of violators of gambling rules in Malaysia and other Asian jurisdictions is quite outstanding. The job the police have been charged with is obviously a big one if the number of arrests is any indication of the scale.

The Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun claims that police have conducted 12,449 raids, which lead to to 22,300 arrests. Gang related dens and illegal lottery operators were the focus of the investigations.

Last year the police conducted some 12,628 raids and 24,338 arrests which seized MYR3.73 million ($901,000), as compared to this year a MYR4.67 million ($1.13 million) was collected. A greater number of cell phones were seized last year compared to this years.

Mohamad Fuzi released a statement to the press, “Our records show that the states with the highest number of successful raids nationwide are Johor (2,719), Selangor (2,372), Sarawak (1,617), Negri Sembilan (1,156), Kedah (945) and Penang (863). Based on these numbers we will focus our efforts in these six states,” The Inspector warned police officers that their actions were being watched. “Stern action will be taken against any officer, including OCPDs and state police chiefs who do not dispense their duties effectively,”

Recently the police chief said, “Illegal gambling is not only a plague on society but also invites negative perception towards the police, who are seen as the sole agency responsible for combating this menace.”

There are other Asian jurisdictions dealing with the illegal online gambling situation in a similar fashion but it appears as if the crackdowns are not doing a very good job of controlling the gangs. The police are being found as corrupt as the gangs and are being arrested too.


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