Rank Group Fined By UKGC For Self Exclusion Violation

Published Monday, November 19, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
Rank Group Fined By UKGC For Self Exclusion Violation

The problem gambler is usually a person that hides the issue from family friends and employers and when it comes down to the crunch when the issue becomes unmanageable the gambler may seek help. The providers of gambling services and products are aware of problem gamblers and try their best to provide help in various ways. The concept of self exclusion is universal and employed by most operators and the United Kingdom is like most jurisdictions, it has provisions in place for casinos to allow gamblers to exclude themselves from betting activity. In most jurisdictions the self-exclusion clause has been voluntary but there is no guarantee the gambler won’t reconnect with a casino on their own. Operators are at a loss if self-excluded gamblers decide to gamble again.  

The recent fine imposed by the U.K. Gambling Commission is part of the Commission’s effort to keep operators on track. The $650,000 fine may deter the gambling industry from being complacent when they don’t follow through on the self exclusion laws. The fine levied against the U.K. firm Grosvenor Casinos which has 55 enterprises in the U.K. which realizes around $500 million in annual revenue.

The VIP high roller gambler self excluded himself in 2016 for six months saying he was having trouble controlling his passion for betting despite his obvious ability to pay his gambling debts.  Then in 2017, The Rank Group gave the customer credit of more than $1.2 million even though the customer was still in his excluded. The gambler managed to lose all the money fast. Then the company put the player in an enforced break prohibiting the individual from both the online and land based casino betting.

The Rank Group, owners of the Grosvenor Casinos, was fined more than $650,000 for breaching the law of self-exclusion. The fine will hopefully make operators more aware of their responsibilities as providers of products with potential harm.


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