Social Responsibility Gambling Issues Arise In Guernsey

Published Thursday, November 22, 2018 -
Social Responsibility Gambling Issues Arise In Guernsey

The backlash concerning gambling in many parts of the world seems to be getting stronger and more frequent. The Irish government has made noises that children are being allowed to gamble online and jurisdictions everywhere are finding fault with the excessive advertizing for gambling services and products. The situation regarding advertizing has reached a saturation point where there are citizens asking governments for controls on companies that have pushed the media coverage to unacceptable limits.

The recent article about the Channel Islands whose gambling officials have been accused of profiting off problem gamblers is an example of the controversial issues surrounding wagering in that small part of the world.  The Channel Islands, Guernsey and Jersey is a regulatory haven for online gambling operators which has a permanent population of only 65,000 that are legally entitled to gamble. In 2002 the Guernsey Gambling Control Commission began to regulate wagering in an attempt to limit and prevent money laundering and fraud.

One outspoken politician in the States of Guernsey, Emilie Yerby who was elected in 2016 as a People’s Deputy for the Western Parishes has spoken up about the issue of problem gambling in the State. Calling for a debate, the Deputy says that the States of Guernsey benefits from selling the Channel Islands Lottery scratch cards. A portion of the profit obtained from the Channel Islands Lottery goes to the operation of the Beau Sejour Leisure Centre. Yerby is not happy with lottery funds going to fund important core services within her mandated jurisdiction.

Yerby spoke on the subject, “There’s generally a reluctance in the States to debate anything that’s going to involve us having to raise money from different sources, or having to raise more money, which inevitably we would have to do to fill the gaps left by the lottery revenue.” The Deputy maintains the government must be social responsible to ensure that they are not taking advantage of punter’s problems and vices to increase state revenue. 




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