Woods and Mickelson Golf For $9 Million Prize

Published Saturday, November 24, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
Woods and Mickelson Golf For $9 Million Prize

The recent rule change in the USA regarding betting on sports has created some interesting betting situations where certain sports are coming into the gambling spotlight like never before.

Golf the gentleman’s game played out on an immaculate course sculpted for the sport with obvious tension built in from the swing to the final resting place of the little white ball.  What could be more exciting than to make a bet while the ball is still not quite in the hole, not to mention the entire outcome of the competition.

The stakes are big for the players too as was just witnessed in the golf match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Nov. 23. The side bets were a big part of the games excitement with these amazing golfers starting quickly with the early wagering of $200,000 on whether Mickelson would birdie the first hole. The action at the Shadow Creek Golf Course, where Woods and Mickelson played for $9 million was interesting as the bets sent the players into overdrive as the wagers kept coming. The first $200,000  Mickelson lost to Tiger Woods then after a few holes there was the closet to the pin bet of $100,000 on hole five which was handled badly by Woods leaving him only $100,000 up.

The next bet closest to the pin also was one worth $200,000 which Tiger Woods lost again much to Mr. Mickelson’s pleasure. It is hard to believe these numbers but as the gentlemen were in a betting mood then on unlucky Hole No. 13 Tiger proposed a $300,000 closest-to-the-pin bet. Mickelson one-upped him by five feet. The game continues and the side bets will keep coming making pro golf even more interesting than ever before with Phil up $400,000.

The final outcome of the day was Tiger Woods losing to Phil Mickelson and the $9 million dollar prize.


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