Australia Introduces National Consumer Protection Framework

Published Monday, December 03, 2018 -
Australia Introduces National Consumer Protection Framework

Around the world governments and regulatory agencies are putting both financial and  legislative pressure on irresponsible online gambling industry operators. In Australia the six regional governments have formally announced they will be launching a National Consumer Protection Framework for gambling establishing a number of social responsibility initiatives to be presented in 2019.

Australia’s federal government has created a ten point plan reacting to the 2015 O’Farrell Review of the industry and its impact on the citizens of Australia. The Federal Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher spoke on the initiatives, “The measures are designed to reduce the harm that can be caused to individuals and their families by excessive or at-risk online wagering,” Fletcher continued to explain, “The National Framework will apply to about 2.5 million active online wagering accounts, or about a million people in Australia.”

The National Consumer Protection Framework has been developed to augment the existing reforms to Australia’s gambling industry including a prohibition on non-wagering products and a clamp on offshore operators. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)  maintains these reforms have forced 33 unlicensed operators to withdraw from the market.

One of the reforms includes a self exclusion process enacted nationally to be initiated by end of the first year enabling punters to block activity form all online wagering sites utilizing one registration procedure. Minister Fletcher said. “If you exclude from one, you exclude from all—this is a first in Australia,”

Executive director for Responsible Wagering Australia, Stephen Conroy said this about the introduction of the new framework, “These are landmark reforms which solidify Australia’s place as a leader in social responsibility in wagering.” Conroy continued, “We are grateful to Minister Fletcher and his predecessors, Ministers Tehan and Tudge, for leading a thorough and consultative process on this important package of measures.”



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