South African Politics Online Gambling Controversy

Published Thursday, December 06, 2018 -
South African Politics Online Gambling Controversy

Governments in many jurisdictions are concerned that online betting will destroy the morals of their jurisdictions and are grasping at straws for ways  to deal with the issue of uncontrolled internet wagering.

Controversy over the laws in South Africa regarding gambling has erupted with allegations that the current administration is using undue haste, railroading, and strong-arm tactics.  News media has pointed out the situation with a referral to the law of the land stating Section 54 of the National Gambling Act, which enforces the gambling and betting industries in the country, ensures that these are not closed off to competition but subject to normal market forces.

Online gambling has increased globally, and South Africa is no exception to the fact. Recently the Democratic Alliance party’s Shadow Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ghaleb Cachalia, released a statement mocking the ruling of the ANC party and the DTI for coming up with a plan to stop the use of the Internet in order to ban online gambling. Mr. Cachalia, referring to the mentioned law said the proposed changes for the Act by the ANC would give regulators the right to impose punishments on both web-based gambling companies and their users.

Minister Davies maintains online gambling is prohibited and feels tougher measures should be implemented to curb the activity. The South African Casino Association (CASA) supports the view and has stated that an unregulated online gambling industry is dangerous.

Themba Ngobese, CEO of the Casino Association of South Africa commented, “We believe that there are two options available to government – either maintain the status quo with respect to online gambling being illegal, but then take decisive action against illegal operators, or legalise it and subject it to an effective and credible legislative and regulatory dispensation.”

Politically this issue and its hard line approach to stop the growth of online gambling is a serious infringement of the rights of the citizens of South Africa.  




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