Kevin Hargrove – Strategies

With an uncanny numerical ability, Kevin Hargrove once entertained thoughts of becoming an astrophysicist. Following his studies in mathematics, he took a brief sabbatical to work abroad. It was during this gap year that he found work as a croupier and quickly discovered the appeal of card games, and the fascinating mathematics of their strategies. It was an experience that stayed with him long after he returned home, where he started frequenting message boards with fellow fanatics, swapping tips and tricks.

Today, Kevin Hargrove puts his head for numbers to good use in crafting thorough, easy-to-follow strategy guides for readers. There’s no strategy too complicated or obscure for Kevin, who prides himself on introducing players to new ways of experiencing their games of chance – as well as new ways to win. Looking to improve how you play online roulette or online blackjack? Simply take a look at any of Kevin’s handy guides. Kevin's favourite game is: American Roulette.

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