Ainsworth Partners With Resorts Casino

This week, Ainsworth Game Technology announced that it had struck a distribution deal with online offerings from Resorts Casino, located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. These include web domains called Resorts Casino and Mohegan Sun. The shift to broadening online gaming content will be a smart move for Atlantic City casinos, which have struggled during and well before the pandemic. This has also been a challenging time for Ainsworth, which was facing financial trouble in December 2019.

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Ainsworth and Resorts Casino

The new partnership between Ainsworth Game Technology and Resorts Casino means that Ainsworth’s internationally renowned catalog of online games will now be available on two different online domains operated by Resorts Casino: the official online casino of Resorts Casino, as well as Mohegan Sun.

As Ainsworth Online General Manager Jason Lim noted, Ainsworth already has an established presence in Atlantic City’s land-based casinos, but this partnership marks an entirely new step for the company: moving into online casino options operated out of Atlantic City, often considered the east coast’s Las Vegas.

Resorts Interactive Casino CEO Ed Andrewes was equally optimistic about the new partnership, stating that Resorts Casino already has a thorough and exciting catalog of online games, but the addition of Ainsworth titles emphasizes Resorts’ prominent role in the Atlantic City casino scene.

What Is Ainsworth?

Ainsworth Game Technology is an Australia-based company specializing in hardware, software, and games development. Today, Ainsworth titles, software, and machinery can be found in the Americas and what is called Australasia. Ainsworth has invented a number of well-respected gaming cabinets, including Dual Screen, EVO, and A640.

Each of Ainsworth’s cabinet series comes with a different, wide array of games. The newest cabinet to come from Ainsworth is the A-Star Curve, which boasts a 43-inch curved HD monitor, LED touch lighting and an LCD touchscreen set of buttons. According to the developers, the games offered on the A-Star Curve are exclusive to this cabinet.

Ainsworth Shifts Away From Australia

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the end of 2019 saw Ainsworth declaring falling revenue, particularly within its home market: Australia. This loss was largely attributed to a new product put out by the company, which did not perform as expected. Still, despite losses on the home front, Ainsworth was able to recoup with some gains in the Americas.

Ainsworth’s Moves In The Americas

Despite struggles in Australia, Ainsworth did have some areas of promise based on its 2019 numbers: an 8% increase in North American revenue and a 16% increase in net income for the region, plus a net profit of $24 million for the Latin American market. This likely explains some of Ainsworth’s decisions which soon followed.

The first to come this year was a partnership between Ainsworth’s Mexico offshoot, Ainsworth Mexico, and Logrand Entertainment, a leading casino operator in Mexico. Together, Logrand Entertainment agreed to offer Oriental Express, a themed package devised by Ainsworth complete with unique cabinets and an exclusive games suite.

Resorts Casino: New Jersey’s First Legal Casino

For those familiar with Atlantic City casinos, Resorts Casino is likely a recognizable name. But what may be less known is that Resorts Casino was actually the very first legal casino outside of Nevada in the entire United States. The hotel was first built in 1904, and the casino addition was constructed in 1978.

The Resorts Casino comes with a well-stocked bevy of casino options for gaming enthusiasts, including traditional slots, table games, and what they call Asian Games, meaning table games that originated in Asian countries, or include Asian gambling influence. This includes Mini-Baccarat, Pai Gow, Pai Gow Poker, and Sic Bo.

In total, Resorts’ Casino floor has more than 1,500 slot machines across an 80,000 square foot casino floor. The casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and currently has a number of exciting promotions available to casino visitors, including regular daily multipliers and even a sweepstakes to win a 2021 Mercedes GLA.

The Hotel Isn’t So Bad, Either

Interestingly, the location where the Resorts Casino currently stands has been a hotel in some form since the mid-19th century. In 2011, the building was refurbished to be given an aesthetic recalling the chic 1920s, which was reportedly also influenced by the success of Boardwalk Empire, a show set in New Jersey.

Resorts Casino’s Online Options

In addition to its exciting land-based casino, Resorts Casino has made the savvy move of including online casino options. In addition to the official Resorts Casino iGaming website, there is also the Mohegan Sun website, which is related as Resorts’ casino is operated by Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment.

These two sites will soon host Ainsworth’s catalog, but Resort Casino’s third affiliated site, Poker Stars, will not have any connection to the Ainsworth games portfolio. Poker Stars is an internationally-known online poker cardroom and apparently the world’s largest, with more than 2/3 control of the global poker market.

The Websites Getting Ainsworth’s Games

Resorts Casino’s iGaming option offers video slots, including titles like Ca$h Hound, Capital Gains, Golden Ox: Golden Cash and Mega Joker, as well as a sportsbook. Mohegan Sun Casino is the other online option, which comes stocked with a few additional features for gaming enthusiasts.

Users of Mohegan Sun’s online casino will be able to choose from table games, slingo, video poker, and live dealer options. Naturally, players can also choose from a huge array of video slots, which often include similar titles to those offered on Resorts Casino’s website. These games include Blown Away, Hot Spot 777, and Magic Maid Cafe.

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