Crown Casino Shuts Off Every Second Slot Machine

In a consolidated effort to stem the spread of COVID-19, Crown Resorts are enforcing social distancing by shutting off every second slot machine. This new policy comes on top of a 450 person limit in the casino at any time, and industry-wide action, as the whole world reacts and tries to limit the amount of contact between people in public spaces.

Slot machines at a casino.

The new policy to restrict the usage of slot machines will come into effect this week, as every second slot machine on Crown Casino floors will be shutoff in an effort to enforce social distancing. ©djedj/Pixabay

The new measures which were announced and came into effect this Monday are part of a wider effort from the whole gambling industry. In a catastrophic month for land-based casinos, which saw the complete shutdown of Italy as the global economy also took a significant dive.

With every second pokie machine deactivated in the casino, the firm will undoubtedly be taking a significant hit as they reel from the loss of business that the virus has caused. On top of the slot machine deactivation policy, new rules regarding standing players, and restrictions to a maximum of 5 players at each table will also be coming into effect.

A Dynamic & Constantly Evolving Situation

As we are in very unprecedented times, the situation regarding all land-based casino usability is a rapidly evolving and dynamic situation. We may yet see wide-spread closures, as calls for a shutdown grow louder, there may yet be a complete closure of all non-essential businesses and services to slow down the spread of the virus.

As these new rules are state-ordered, they are legally enforceable, and local law enforcement will be making sure that venues are in strict compliance with the containment measures. It is an offense under the Health & Wellbeing Act for anyone to violate the terms of these public safety measures.

Currently, Crown Casino is doing all it can to be seen as taking positive steps to mitigate the spread of the virus. But as many industry analysts have pointed out, a complete closure would be devastating for the business. With share prices in Crown already down 7.7% on Monday, any further losses and damage to vital cash-flow in these uncertain times could put the company on a knife-edge towards insolvency.

But as the majority of the world is beginning to understand, the health of the public must come before any business interests. In this spirit, Crown highlighted in a statement on Monday the extent of their safety measures…

Crown has also implemented other precautionary measures across its Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth entertainment complexes, including the provision of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and more frequent and strengthened cleaning measures.Spokesperson, Crown Casino

Whilst these measures have been received with good feedback, many critics believe the measures don’t go nearly far enough. With many developed countries around the world taking far more drastic quarantine measures to “flatten the curve” , keeping casinos open seems reckless in light of the scientific evidence and advice from health authorities.

Similar Measures Being Adopted at All Australian Casinos

The whole Australian casino industry has taken steps to mitigate against the spread of Coronavirus, with industry-wide restrictions in place on the number of people that can enter a premises capped at 500. On top of this, the firm said they would restrict large gatherings, in their respective food & beverage facilities, and theater venues.

With the worldwide casino industry feeling the pressure of COVID-19, it is not surprising that Macau, a city so close to the epicenter of this outbreak has entered a complete lockdown. Whether Australian & European cities follow the shutdown of casinos in Las Vegas and Macau, or opt for less extreme restriction of movement measures remains to be seen, and is a constantly evolving situation.

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