Hard Rock Blackjack Launched

KamaGames and Hard Rock have joined forces and will work internationally to develop and provide social online casino games. The two companies have successfully developed an app called Hard Rock Blackjack that features a wide range of casino games from KamaGames’ portfolio.

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Hard Rock International and KamaGames will be hoping to capitalize on a period of uncertainty in the gambling market with their new app. The app features classic casino games with some new twists. ©JESHOOTS-com/Pixabay

Hard Rock Blackjack is free to download from app stores to play on phones and tablets. It brings a sociable and fun take to online casino games. On the app, players can find three-dimensional versions of some of the most played games that would normally be available in a traditional casino.

Games that can be played on Hard Rock Blackjack will mainly be virtual simulations of classic table games, such as baccarat and unsurprisingly, blackjack. Those that download the app will also be able to try their hand at online fixed odds games like slots. Additionally, virtual poker will be an option for players.

There will also be a myriad of poker competitions hosted on the platform that will include the classic online poker game modes such as sit and go, knockout poker, and big tournaments featuring multiple tables. Poker competitions will be held weekly on the app that will provide the chance of a big reward to any player that performs in them.

These classic poker game modes have been a firm favorite among KamaGames users for some time. The companies believe this will be the case in their bid to tap into the mobile gaming market that is currently on the rise – especially in the wake of recent casino closures.

There will also be other game modes that the app will offer. The one of a kind Party modes on the platform and the different and new modifications to the classic rules of poker will undoubtedly prove engaging for anyone playing them, regardless of their skill.

The app will encourage players to communicate with each other to promote the social component of the online casino. Players will be able to take to each other through an in-built messenger feature, unique emoticons, and gifts that can be traded during games between players.

Hard Rock and KamaGames

It seems, from the statements from both companies, that the plans to build an online multiplayer casino app have been in the works for some time now, and the current climate represented a deal time to launch the app.

The CEO of KamaGames, Andrey Kuznetsov, made no bones about the fact that the game had been launched at this time because it represents a distinct window of opportunity for an online casino game to compete with the real thing.

The increases in the numbers of countries that have been locked down, where the numbers of people staying at home all day are growing have given the two companies a lot of hope when it comes to the launch of Hard Rock Blackjack. Kuznetsov pointed out that in European countries the figures look highly favorable for the success of the app.

In the US, Las Vegas has ceased all gambling activity after the fears of what might occur otherwise. This city is famously one of the most popular destinations for gamblers across the whole of the globe.

This and the drastic measures that are now being enacted in Europe have left the global gambling market in disarray. Many believe that the saving grace of the market, on the whole, is the online market.

One of the directors of online gaming at Hard Rock also released a statement upon the release of the app. In it, Kesimir Spajic, shed some light on the development process for the app, which has been in the pipeline for several years, after the companies first met with the idea.

There has been mutual respect and amiability between the two companies for some time, according to Spajic. The progress KamaGames has made over recent years is no doubt the reason why Hard Rock elected to partner with them to develop this app.

KamaGames’ progress in recent times has seen it become the largest European social mobile poker operator in the world. Its recent returns have also made it one of the fastest growing independent businesses in the market.

Hard Rock is a hard company to please, but the “success in a very competitive category” that KamaGames has had with its pursuit of online table games made it the stand out choice for the Florida-based international brand to partner with.

The current global crisis that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has brought with it has left businesses with huge amounts of uncertainty to deal with. This has led to falling market values and stock market crashes.

Huge international companies like KamaGames and Hard Rock will, therefore, be hoping to offset their losses through online channels such as this app. Hard Rock has over 48,000 employees over the world, and by launching online games they will also be hoping to protect those that rely on the company for their income.

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