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One of the leading iGaming content providers, Pragmatic Play, has unveiled several new casino games and a fresh slot game to its portfolio. With the new baccarat, roulette and Dance Party slot game that Pragmatic Play is offering, it is likely that the provider is attempting to capitalize on the movement towards iGaming in during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Pragmatic Play has announced its monthly installment of additions to its portfolio that include Baccarat, Roulette and a new slot game. ©Bru-nO/Pixabay

The Gibraltar-based content provider prides itself on the wide range of games that it boasts in its portfolio. These include slots, bingo, and classic live casino games. In the company’s most recent unveiling, it announced that it would be bolstering its casino offerings with three new games; Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, and Roulette Macao.

Naturally, the new games Pragmatic Play is offering that are based on Baccarat feature all of the intricacies of the very popular live casino game. The developer has, however, also taken care to include some features that one would expect from such a provider, that enhance the game.

The features that Pragmatic Play has implemented include the ability to see statistical trends during the game, that tract the total pot and the number of players for Player, Banker and Tie bet fields. There is also a wide range of side bets on offer during the game.

There are different modes that consumers will be able to play on the Baccarat tables that are being offered. In regular mode, there is no difference from the immensely popular game played in casinos across the world. Punters can switch to No-Commission Mode whenever they like, however. To trigger this, all that someone needs to do is hit the Super 6 button on the display.

Once initiated, the Super 6 side bet can then be won by the player. If the Banker beats the person playing the game by a total of six points, the player will take home their winnings that will be paid at 15:1. This is a risky strategy, however, as any other outcome from the hand will result in no winnings at all.

In addition to the new Baccarat game, Pragmatic Play has also announced that it has successfully developed a Speed Baccarat game. This is based on the rule-set of the original game but kicks it up a notch by accelerating the gameplay. The provider claims that by speeding up the game such that a round lasts just 27 seconds, a new level of excitement has been achieved that is not present in the traditional game.

In Speed Baccarat, the player has just 12 seconds to bet and once the betting has finished, cards are dealt dace up immediately. With this, comes a more continuous sense of play and from this a higher degree of excitement.

“With the creation of a fast-paced live casino title, Speed Baccarat, we endeavor to appeal to players who enjoy the immersive nature of a traditional casino, coupled with the accessibility of a modern-day, mobile experience.”Lana Bleichyk, Live Casino Operations Manager, Pragmatic Play

The final casino game that Pragmatic Play has announced recently is Roulette Macao. This game is designed to replicate the sensations of playing the classic game of chance at the most luxurious casinos around the globe. The game is broadcast from the provider’s live studio in ultra-high definition (4K). There is little innovation on the game included in this release, but the premium feel of the production is undeniable.

Dance Party Slot

In addition to the live casino games that Pragmatic Play has announced, it has also recently unveiled its new slot game, Dance Party. The game features a three by five tile design that the provider will be hoping will entertain players during the uncertain times that are affecting the world at present.

The game has been designed with multiple special features aimed to give an immersive feel to an action-packed exciting game. The main selling point that is built into the game is the progressive multiplier free spin mechanism.

If a spin by a player lands on five diamond scatter symbols, the special feature will be triggered that will take the player to the middle of the dance floor and give them a chance to win big. The exciting animations on the dance floor will undoubtedly prove a thrilling addition for any player that is lucky enough to trigger them.

During these free spin sessions, the player is awarded up to 60 free spins alongside a multiplier that can increase their winnings by up to 30x their pay-out per spin.

Pragmatic Play remains dedicated to the target it sets to release four new titles each month. The company is undoubtedly facing increased demand for its services with the recent closures of gambling shops and casinos across Europe. For example, in Italy, the country is on lockdown so live betting is impossible at present.

These releases may help the company to capitalize on the higher demand, and be one of the few businesses to thrive in these uncertain times.

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