Exciting Developments for Scientific Games

This week, two back-to-back announcements came from Scientific Games: a partnership with Big Time Gaming and a brand-new slot cabinet, called Kascada. During a challenging year, Scientific Games has managed to stay strong, establishing itself as a power player in the North American gambling industry. The new Kascada cabinet comes with a brand-new game from Scientific Games, inspired by a preexisting series of Asian-inspired slots.

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During A Challenging Year, Scientific Games Stays Strong

In a historically challenging year, Scientific Games has managed to avoid the very worst of financial repercussions from the ongoing and seemingly interminable coronavirus pandemic. Rather than admit defeat in the face of lockdowns, Scientific Games has continued to expand, with new partnerships, new ventures, and now, new products.

Scientific Games and Big Time Gaming

This week, Scientific Games and Big Time Gaming announced that the companies had entered an exclusive distribution agreement. Thanks to this agreement, Scientific Games has nabbed a position as Big Time Gaming’s sole distributor of content in all regulated markets in the US and Canada, with additional special provisions for the UK and Europe.

In a particularly exciting detail, operators in the UK and Europe will have exclusive early access to Big Time Gaming’s latest offerings. Both companies were enthusiastic about the partnership, with Nik Robinson, Big Time Gaming’s CEO, specifically referencing Scientific Games’ uniquely appealing OpenGaming platform.

Big Time Gaming’s Offerings

As a result of this partnership, Scientific Games will be securing access to all of Big Time Gaming’s content, including its cabinets, MEGAQUADS and MEGAWAYS. The MEGAQUADS slot cabinet offers gamblers the opportunity to use, as they describe it, multiple slot machines at once, with the offerings of four cabinets compressed into two.

Players are likely to be enthusiastic about the virtual slots designed by Big Time Gaming, which often pull from beloved television franchises such as Survivor and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, as well as iconic board game Monopoly. But Big Time Gaming’s content doesn’t only come from preexisting sources.

Gamers will also be happy to see some of the entirely original virtual slots now available through Scientific Games on behalf of Big Time Gaming, which include titles like Royal Mint, Lil’ Devil, Kingmaker, Opal Fruits, and Slot Vegas. These games are available on both online and mobile for players.

Scientific Games’s OpenGaming Platform

The OpenGaming system offered by Scientific Games is a digital casino solution. According to Scientific Games, this platform offers players a colorful and eye-catching display, with the choice of a massive number of games. For operators, the OpenGaming solution is scalable and seamlessly integrated.

Big Time Gaming isn’t the only company to make Scientific Games’ OpenGaming platform their preferred choice for moving into the regulated online gambling market. More than 300 different gaming operators have signed with the OpenGaming platform, with 60 partners actively involved and more than 2,000 different slot options for gamers.

Scientific Games’s Latest Innovation: The Kascada Cabinet

In addition to this partnership with Big Time Gaming, Scientific Games also announced this week the release of its newest cabinet, Kascada. Kascada pulls from a previously existing cabinet manufactured by the company, the TwinStar J43, but brings it into 2020, with fully up-to-date technology.

Players of the Kascada cabinet will likely be impressed by the 4K HD video display, which will spread out across 43 inches and two monitors. Both monitors are curved, following in a lineage now well-established by Scientific Games, which has been making curved-screen video cabinets since it released the ALPHA Pro Wave.

Coin Combo: Kascada’s New Game

Players will be excited to see the newest game offered via the Kascada cabinet, Coin Combo, which continues an existing series of games known as the Duō Fú Duō Cái series, which has been updated for the last nine years. Each instalment in this series pulls from an Asian-inspired design.

According to a representative from Scientific Games, the release of the Kascada cabinet will tie in with the Lunar New Year in 2021, meaning that it will have additional resonance for players who celebrate the holiday. As Scientific Games made clear in a press release, the Kascada cabinet is the company’s first-ever fully international machine.

Scientific Games: Continued Growth In 2020

These latest developments mark just the continuation of a strong year for Scientific Games. In July, representatives from the company said that they had anticipated significant losses for the second quarter, due to widespread casino closures. While the company did lose some revenue during that time, it was not as severe as was feared.

According to the company, the losses from the COVID-19 pandemic came largely from casino closures and a decline in lottery ticket sales in the early months of the pandemic. Still, certain sectors of the company’s offerings continued to grow, such as the SciPlay and Digital sectors.

Scientific Games and Hard Rock

Another exciting development from Scientific Games came in early October, when the company announced that it would be expanding its existing relationship with Hard Rock International to control the company’s online gaming and sportsbook options. This partnership effectively ended Hard Rock’s partnership with Gaming Innovation Group.

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