Novomatic Celebrates Board Diversity

Global casino software development corporation, Novomatic, has celebrated diversity by highlighting the achievements of the women in its Supervisory Board. According to the firm, 60 per cent of the board is made up of women.

The company’s press release celebrating its diverse board was circulated in time for International Women’s Day on the 8th March, giving the firm a chance to highlight how far forward it is pushing. According to the release, Novomatic holds itself to a 54 per cent quota of women in the workplace. It says this figure is “well above” the industry average when compared to statistics from Eurostat, which proclaim that females only make up 30% of the entire science and technology industry in Austria.

At Novomatic, several women hold top positions. This begins with our five-member Supervisory Board, which has long had a 60 percent share of female members, and continues in various group companies in Austria where women hold executive positions. Harald Neumann, CEO Novomatic AG

Neumann continues, “At Novomatic, 34 percent of all executive positions are now held by women”, which outstrips the national average across all levels.

Birgit Wimmer and Monika Racek

Two of the leading women in the firm are Birgit Wimmer and Monika Racek. Wimmer is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Switzerland-based holding company, Novo Swiss, which is one of the holding companies of Novomatic Founder and Owner, Johann Graf. This means that Wimmer is involved with more than 5,000 employees across 10 countries throughout the Novomatic Group.

On top of this, she is also the Managing Director of Austrian company Novo Invest GmbH, which is a major shareholding property for the Novomatic Group. These two executive roles provide Wimmer what Novomatic calls ‘key points of control’ in the group.

Racek, on the other hand, is a member of the Executive Board of Admiral Casinos & Entertainment AG, which is a domestic Novomatic subsidiary. Having been in this position since 2011, she also took on the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2016, further expanding her reach in the Admiral Casinos & Entertainment business.

“Of course, our managers must have excellent social and professional skills. We are confident that balanced teams are more creative and deliver better results. That is why we encourage the high potential of female employees as best we can,” concludes Neumann.

Company Diversity

Further to the 60% of women in the Supervisory Board, Novomatic shares that the Admiral Casinos & Entertainment business also features 43% women employees, which is well above that 30% mark from Eurostat.

As a whole, Novomatic is a hugely international operation in the gaming technology industry, boasting a staff of more than 30,000 employees in more than 50 countries. According to the business, its diversity is not just for its staff but also for the reach of the business throughout all facets of the gambling industry.

To this end, it not only offers an enormous range of online casino games such as slots and video table games but also has physical gaming terminals numbering in the quarter million in land-based gambling houses. Its online presence is also has a holistic approach, as it provides not just desktop but also develops mobile optimised games. It attempts to be something of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for casino operators, also providing payment systems and social gaming options, plus lottery and sports betting solutions.

As another way that Novomatic aims to spread its reach as far as possible, is through its global presence online. The company has long been active with its online casino games available in the UK market, but it is also growing in South East Asia.

Thanks to changing gambling regulations in the United States of America, the company is also growing in the North American market. According to the company, the USA is a major area of interest for the firm in coming years, and it has already signed preemptive deals with a number of land-based casinos to provide their online solutions as soon as legalisation is confirmed. A recent example of this is the company’s presence at the National Indian Gaming Association’s NIGA trade show in April this year, where it intends to promote its products to the tribal casino market.

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CEO ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG Dr. Monika Racek with the Members of the Supervisory Board Barbara Feldmann, Martina Flitsch and Martina Kurz.

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