CAW President Wants Referendum On Online Casinos

Published Wednesday, September 01, 2010 -

Ontario Canada is considering the factors pro and con for legalizing online gambling in the province. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is taking on the task of researching and reporting it's findings regarding government operated online casinos and poker rooms to the members of the provincial legislature for their consideration.

It may be a long uphill battle for the politicians that see online casinos run by the government as a safer and definitely more lucrative way to attract funds for flagging budgets. 
The Canadian Auto Workers president Ken Lewenza, is calling for the government to hold a referendum on the issue during the fall 2011 provincial election campaign. The Canadian Broadcasting company recently posted a quote from a Lewenza interview, "Union leaders are concerned about the effects on Caesars Windsor and other casinos in Ontario if the province goes ahead with a plan to launch online gambling."
The CAW chief also said, "I think the most important thing for Ontarians is to have a discussion about what kind of a province they want and what does this mean for their communities and what does this mean to their province, and the only way that you can legitimately have a discussion is to have a referendum,"

Seven thousand workers are represented by the CAW in the gaming sector, three thousand of which work at the Caesars Windsor casino.
Rick Laporte, president of CAW Local 444 at Caesars Windsor commented, "Where my concern comes in is if there's people currently going to the casino today decides to stay at home and use the internet rather than go to the casino then that becomes a concern of mine," Laporte added, "Because we're already struggling to get patrons in our casino, and if this just further adds to less patrons in our casino, again it just puts us further in trouble."
The province estimates online gambling will bring in $100 million in profit within five years. It looks like a good bet the government of  Ontario will eventually be offering online gambling.

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