Australia Wants to Ban Gambling Ads on Sports Programs

Published Monday, April 01, 2013 -

Australia is a country that is full of nice people that like a pint and punt after a hard day at work. The problem in Australia stems from its commitment to family values and clean living. The news from the small town of Narooma on the New South Wales far south coast of the continent is typical of what big news sources reports. New laws regarding gambling to be introduced to Federal Parliament are being examined and debated with passion all over the nation.

Sports betting odds could be banned from sports-related programs and this has sparked a flurry of interest in the gambling argument. The Green party is expected to introduce a proposition to place a blanket ban on odds being promoted by commentators or bookmakers during sports broadcasts on TV and radio. Senator Richard Di Natale will introduce the new legislation prohibiting sports programming from offering sports betting services during broadcasts. Bookies will still be permitted to purchase advertizing but will not be able to offer odds on the programs.

Consensus studies have indicated that the public is not happy with the constant intrusion by gambling firms offering competitive odds during the games. Senator Di Natale said, ''We have to separate sport from gambling. Young kids should be able to enjoy a game of footy without thinking that gambling has to be part of that experience,'' Di Natale also said, ''Privately a number of MPs have expressed their concerns over this issue, I just hope they have the courage to take on the gambling industry in an election year,'' indicating the issue is on other party agendas.

Alan Tudge, a coalition backbencher commented, . ''We need to reduce the visibility of gambling so we don't normalise it for our kids. It is now impossible to go to the footy without having gambling shoved down your throat. There should be no ads and no odds during the game,'' Tudge added, ''How can the AFL promote itself as family friendly when it is impossible to escape gambling promotion.''

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