Private Online Portal for Lotteries Content Launched

Published Monday, July 01, 2013 -
Private Online Portal for Lotteries Content Launched

The world has many lotteries some of which can now be accessed on the internet. Lotteries are the biggest gambling venue in the world. There are lotteries that raise funds for hospitals, research and government social programs. Prizes can be enormous and so can the punter spend on these low risk high reward gambles.

The competition is strong in an era where the content rally can matter to attract sales and meet consumer demand. Offering a new source of content is the GTECH Corporation which has recently launched a secure private portal, called the Game Market which serves as a centralized repository of certified game content that lotteries can utilize to expand on the content offerings. Clients may assess titles based on past performances and submitted their reviews, thus giving more insight into what the consumer is after.

GTECH Corporation, a subsidiary of Italian lottery and gaming GTECH SpA, revealed the portal offers instant games that are developed through its Lottery Developer Network. This private portal is modeled after the applications store principal.

Paul Riley, Lottery Interactive Product Marketing Vice-President for the USA based GTECH Corporation said, “The Game Market is the next major building block in revolutionizing the way in which interactive games are developed and brought to market for lotteries,” Riley continued, “The Game Market puts the control of game content firmly in the hands of the operator and allows a lottery to rapidly update its product mix.”

A GTECH statement explained the Game Market, “One of the unique features of the Game Market is that it allows a lottery to select and configure its game using the portal and then automatically generates the appropriate work order to install the game on the player-facing website.”

The ability to configuration the games includes selectable prize structures combined with grid sizes while clients are also able to configure every one of the prize tiers, payout percentages and progressive jackpots they can also activate seasonal and holiday themes.

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