New Jersey Online Gambling Going Strong

Published Wednesday, January 01, 2014 -
New Jersey Online Gambling Going Strong

New Jersey is on the road to riches with the introduction of online gambling in the state as least that’s w what seems to be coming about. After several attempts to get the ball spinning in New Jersey Governor Christie is still optimistic the plan will bear the fruits of the effort.

So far in New Jersey after only a month online it has shown that it is the top market for the online casino industry thus far. With a population of about 8.87 million people, compared to Nevada’s 2.76 million and Delaware’s 917,000 the potential for top returns is definitely the biggest.

Potential revenue predictions in New Jersey’s online casino market are very different with Governor Chris Christie looking for a high revenue intake of $1.2 billion and other estimates are as low as $260 million. Online poker betting is expected to garner the biggest portion of revenue for the State and sports betting may come in second. Whatever the source there is much more potential because of the largess of the market.

As the advertizing campaign launched by the online casinos in New Jersey to get the message out that it is in business the numbers of punters signing up has increased significantly. The most recent figures from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released was over 125,000.

New Jersey lets residents of the state play a wide variety of casino games on the internet for real money as well as poker. The number of accounts doesn’t represent the number of unique online gamblers in the Garden State, as one person may sign up for an account with each online gaming operator. At 126,231 registrations there was an increase of 16,285 over last week.

Atlantic City has 11 casinos, and more than half of them are currently in the online gambling business in New Jersey. So far the leader poker room in Atlantic City is the Party Borgata Network and World Series Of New Jersey is number two in the Atlantic City market.

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