American Late Night TV Talks Online Poker

Published Thursday, September 02, 2010 -

America is a country where the constitution says that an individual is allowed, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
The great debate in the States continues as to whether or not to allow people to place bets from the comfort and security of there own homes.
HR 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, which is in Committee for consideration has everyone taking sides.
A recent show on U.S. late night television featured Barney Frank a staunch proponent of civil liberties in America. Franks introduction of the proposed amendment to the prohibition on online gambling has divided many in the diverse country.
Jay Leno's late night show clarified for some, the details of the proposed bill, as Frank brought home the reality that the government should not be deciding what honest people can do with their hard earned after tax cash. 
Frank also pointed out that there are revenues that can be had from taxing an entertainment that people are already enjoying in large numbers illegally.
Frank asserted, "If you have some guy who wants to play poker on the internet, we say it’s illegal… We could make billions of dollars a year by making it legal and taxing it." The Federal Government could take in up to $42 billion over a 10-year period by introducing legal and regulated internet gambling in the United States.
In addition, Frank pointed out to Leno, who was being controversial to the extreme, that amendments to the HR 2267 internet gambling bill only allows for debit cards and prepaid card payments and will not allow the use of credit cards.
The proposed bill is in a tough scheduling position with Congress currently on recess until September 13th with a target adjournment of October 8th in advance of the general elections in the United States, which means that Congress will have 20 days to debate and decide the internet gambling issue before the elections begin.



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