Republican Victory In USA Spells Trouble for Online Gambling

Published Wednesday, November 03, 2010 -

The recent mid term elections in the USA could spell trouble for online gambling regulations in that country.
Florida was one state that looked like it would follow Barney Frank's lead and support his bill in Congress to legalize poker and make some money from taxing the activity.
Marco Rubio has won the US Senate seat in the state and will be taking his ultra right Conservative opinion to the Capital.
Rubio vehemently opposed the gambling compact that was agreed upon between Governor Charlie Crist and the Seminole Indians. The anti gambling position of Rubio left no room for any compromise which conservative voters in the state of Florida have embraced and sent him to Washington to voice.

Brad Dawkins, an analyst for the gaming sector commented on the situation, "This was one of the worst possible outcomes for online gamblers in the US in this mid-term election," Dawkins added, "Rubio has shown that he is against gambling expansion, and if he took on the governor in Florida, he will certainly be prepared to take on pro-gambling legislators in the Senate."

Having been left out of negotiations between the Governor Charlie Crist and the Seminole Indians a few years ago regarding the Seminoles ability to offer blackjack and baccarat at their casinos, Rubio dug in his heels and has been adamant ever since in efforts to renegotiate the deal.

The Seminole Tribal Council was brought back to the table by Rubio and other legislators who used his position in the state legislature to block the original arrangement. Those legislators negotiated a different scene where the  Seminoles agreed to pay Florida tax revenues from their casinos. The Tribe was also required to pay a fee for the rights to operate table games such as blackjack and baccarat in five of the seven casinos they owned. 

Rubio and his conservative friends have won a significant victory in the Senate in Washington and it may be expected that the Republican's will not be in favour of changing the status of online gambling in the near future in the USA.


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