Nova Scotia Considers the Cost of Opting Out of Online Gambling

Published Wednesday, November 03, 2010 -

The head of the Crown Corporation in Nova Scotia Canada that deals with gaming in the province is now trying to figure out how much the decision by the government to opt out of online gambling will actually cost.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation's boss Marie Mullally said after the public accounts committee meeting at the legislature that the process will be part of the normal budgeting procedure.  The president of the organisation said, "That's our job to do that. We need to know what's impacting our business, both negatively and positively, and so we'll be conducting that research, working with Atlantic Lottery to determine what impact any decision has on the industry in this province,"

Premier Darrell Dexter has stated that the province will not expand the online gambling products offered by the Atlantic Lottery Corp clarifying the issue before the province's new gaming strategy is announced later this year, or early in 2011.

Mullally said in a speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce before Dexter's announcement that online gambling will grow, whether or not the government is involved.
Mullally  commented on the decision by the NDP government saying, "Speaking to experts and those who have been following the emergence and growth of online gaming, as well as mobile gaming across the world, I expect there will be an impact on our business," Mullally continued, "There will be an impact on revenue, there will be an impact on the customer base, but the actual extent of that impact is not fully known at this time."

Atlantic Lottery estimates that $50 million per year leaves the Atlantic region in Canada  for the more than 2,000 online gambling sites. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation makes about $130 million dollars from the revenues derived from video lottery terminals,  lottery ticket sales and land based casinos. There are a number of organizations that benefit directly from funding from the Corporation such as Sport Nova Scotia which receives three million per year said Chief Executive Officer Jamie Ferguson.


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