New Hampshire Governor Looks At Online Gambling

Published Saturday, April 03, 2010 -

According to various reports the Governor of New Hampshire USA has publicly stated he is considering the merits of legal online gambling in the state. New Hampshire Governor, John Lynch while opposing the expansion of land based slot machine installations, says he may be a supporter of internet gambling. Spokesperson for the governor Colin Manning, reported to the news that Lynch plans to unveil his plan for gambling shortly and legalizing online gaming is among the ideas he's considering. Lynch opposes a Senate approved bill that is being hotly debated in the House allowing 17,000 slot machines and casino-style games to be installed in certain locations within the State. Lynch feels this bill does little to curb the proliferation on gambling in New Hampshire. Lynch detractors who are lobbying to have a brick and mortar casino built near a golf course have a lot to say. From one point of view former state Senator, Bob Clegg, who works as a lobbyist for Green Meadow Golf Club, with the aim of bringing a casino and resort to Hudson says, "The governor is worried about proliferation of gaming but it sounds like he’s going to make every computer terminal in every home and every Blackberry, including those BlackBerrys held by kids in high school, a gambling facility," The lobby group says the area needs work for the businesses involved in the construction of the casino hotel and resort in Hudson. Clegg said that aside from stifling business growth, online gambling would allow for unchecked addictions," adding "Who’s going to keep track of the social costs?" "A real-life casino keeps track and is looking at problem gamblers." Clegg concluded. Many jurisdictions have been able to maintain a decent tax base by licensing and regulating the online gambling industry providing sustainable long term employment without the huge overhead associated with operating a land based hotel and casino.


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