Online Gambling Industry Vehicle for Asian High Roller Junket Operators

Published Sunday, September 04, 2011 -

Operators of traditional land based casinos are looking at the online gambling industry to help them market their products to the VIP high roller gambling demographic. A new generation of junket operator is setting its sights on the Asian market, knowing full well there is huge potential there to be gleaned.
Goldenway is making efforts to change the way junket operators work by attempting to shift VIP casino business in Macau to a cash rather than credit model while recruiting high rollers by online marketing using a dedicated website. This approach sees recruitment being accomplished almost exclusively online with agents posted at the VIP room for identification verification purposes only.

Jerry Tse, one of  Goldenway’s executive team said to ‘Inside Asian Gaming’, “Our management structure is modern and a long way from the traditional image of Macau junket management and gangsters, etc. It’s about creating new channels and a new environment for the guests,”
It’s estimated that 70% of all gaming revenue in Macau comes from junkets, proving the value of the service to both the junket operator and the casinos.

Goldenway’s innovative way of getting VIP’s to come to Macau, will use their newly launched VIP room at the Grand Lisboa, rewards its players as explained by Tse,  “With traditional junkets the VIP room shares the commission provided by the casinos with the player agents. With our model the customer directly benefits. In our marketing materials we stress the direct benefit to customers. It notes that we share commission with the players rather than giving it to agents. The agency model is about giving a credit line with all the credit management issues that go with that. We don’t have those credit management issues. That’s the beauty of our business.”
The business has finally realized that working with the internet is the way of the future and that the Asian market is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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