Conspiracy To Online Stream Super Bowl Foiled

Published Saturday, February 05, 2011 -

It used to be the war on drugs but now the focus of the Southern District of New York officials is a war on internet sports wagering. Just in time for the Super Bowl a conspiracy to stream the event live has been revealed. Ten web locations have been seized on the grounds they were conspiring to promote illegal internet streaming of the big game on Sunday. The effort was headed up by the US Attorney’s Department and the US Department of Customs and Immigration, Enforcement division. 
The core of the sites consisted of information that was designed to link bettors to other websites displaying the pirated video streamed game. The conspirators were not all hosted in the USA with some foreign web servers being involved in the plan. It was reported that one of the web sites was linked to Spain although all of the web locations were promoting an illegal activity. So far there are no arrests in the case only the shutting down of the web sites offering illegal streaming. The Spanish web location is identified as and another is named has a poster stating they had been seized and were displaying a Department of Justice logo on the site.
American courts have determined the copyright laws of the land are fair. Pirating of sports events and making money from them is unfair to the consumer. The fans pay for tickets and pay per views and internet services. The impact is significant on the revenues of broadcasters and sports leagues and it is only fair that pirates should not thrive on what other people legally work and pay for. Perhaps it’s good thing that cops keep the lid on theft now if only they would legalize online gambling and keep that past time safe too.



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