Lottery Funds Doing Good Things All Over The World

Published Thursday, August 04, 2011 -

Doom and gloom seems to be the attitude from financial analysts’ which for some means cutting back on fun things such as going out for dinner and a few hands of blackjack at the casino.

Now though just about anybody with a good cell phone can play a few hands of blackjack or roulette for that matter and in some places even play for real money. The online gambling industry is portrayed as bad by some but by others it is considered great entertainment and even beneficial to countries that host the servers and keep the whole business going. With a possible return to economic meltdown in the USA it’s probably a good thing to kick back at home and order in some pizza have a few beverages and play whatever game you want on your television.

Predicting gloom and doom has always been a way to make people look for ways to escape which they do when things are down and they celebrate when things are back up. All over the world people gamble on all sorts of things, although gambling has been something some societies have banned. The most played hopefully pure chance game is the lottery of course. Billions of dollars, pounds, euros, and a few more currencies change hands with the lottery corporations and government run monopolies.

The idea of a fair lottery and honest lottery run by government officials, accountable to the legal system and a regulatory body is the cornerstone of the lottery itself. Lottery money has done many good and charitable things throughout history. According to a special report from the Sun News Online, Nigeria’s Director-General, of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Peter Igho says “I just returned from Morocco and Niger Republic and saw what lottery money has done in their countries. They use lottery money to fight desert encroachment, build hospitals, schools, among many others. From Mr. Igho’s standpoint the benefits of a properly run and transparent lottery far out weighs the bad news.

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