Online Gambling United Against Match Fixing

Published Wednesday, June 05, 2013 -
Online Gambling United Against Match Fixing

The European Commissioner for sport, Androulla Vassiliou, commented recently about the integrity of sports, “Match-fixing is a complex problem with many sides to it. But one very important element that the European Commission focuses on in our efforts to tackle match-fixing is prevention. In this respect, educational programmes and awareness raising campaigns can have a significant impact by reaching those most at risk of being approached to fix matches, the athletes themselves. I therefore very much look forward to the results of the project lead by EU Athletes and the European online betting industry.”

Words don’t fix problems as invasive as corruption in sports and the recent results indicated quite a few E.U. members of parliament don’t want to intervene in the legalization of online gambling in individual states preferring to leave the states to set their own particular rules.

The recent three day seminar on education related to stopping match fixing was attended by EU Athletes, the federation of player associations in Europe representing 25,000 athletes. The seminar is part of multi-year program financed jointly by the European Commission and the European licensed online betting industry, highlighted the vital importance of all sectors working together to educate professional sportspeople about sports betting integrity.

The purpose of the seminar was to give the player associations’ tutors tools to use during the locker room visits, when they are educating the players face to face. The seminar is part of a ground breaking co-financed campaign by the European Commission and the European licensed online betting industry.

The project targets 15,000 athletes in thirteen countries and ten sports.

Jean-François Reymond, Secretary General of EU Athletes, also commented, “Our education project is unique in its focus on face to face education delivered directly into the locker rooms by people the players know and trust. This personal touch is giving players the knowledge to make sure they don’t gamble with their careers.”

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