Switzerland May Regulate Online Gambling Soon

Published Tuesday, January 05, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Switzerland is reportedly moving it's political policies to the left with the liberalization of their online gambling laws. Swiss legal firm MME Partners and the MECN research company together produced a report that demonstrates that the current prohibitions in other countries are ineffective.

Swiss lawmakers are thinking long and hard about opening the country up to the international gambling market. Interesting to those business people out there that have been aware of this trend, most EU countries are focusing plans on the online sports betting and poker components of the online gambling industry. Where as Switzerland is concentrating on opening up the online casino market. Casino operators are some what neglected in plans to loosen the rules. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and does not have to adhere to any thing the E.C. has to say. When Switzerland decides to give online gambling a proper jurisdiction it will serve as a model for other European countries and the possibly the USA. Martin Oelbermann of MECN research had a few comments "The Swiss liberalization plans shows how the pressure of foreign online offers on state operators and income forces some states to rethink the existing regulations,"

Despite the fact that Switzerland has a very small population, almost that of London U.K. it has a more enlightened approach to poker, a reason to speculate that online poker will also be part of plans for liberalization in Switzerland. Oelbermann said, "The similarities between the Swiss and the US gambling market are so clear," "The gambling markets of the US and Switzerland are structured in similar ways." "Aside from the World Trade Organisation dispute, both countries can freely contemplate a potential liberalisation without being pressured by third parties such as the European Commission when reviewing and drafting their regulations." This is a case of going with the flow, something the Swiss are good at.

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