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Published Thursday, January 06, 2011 -

When it come to the internet domain positioning is a key revenue and hit generator. Basically the most sought after domain names tend to get the most attention when consumers are searching the net to find what they are looking for. Domain names that garner the most hits are usually registered already and occasionally they do come up for sale and if they are successful names they sell for big dollars.
Such is the case for the highly desirable domain name which a number of private equity firms have expressed an interest in purchasing from the current owner Media Corporation.
Media Corporation is one of the U.K.’s leading companies in internet media, and is focused on website publishing and online advertising.
Founded in March of 2000 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, Media Corp’s vision is to create a technology focused internet media group. The Group has two principal divisions, which are website publishing and online advertising.
Domain auction specialists Sedo have been engaged to broker the deal, and the reserve price is set at $9 million. CEO Justin Drummond of Media Corp expressed a sincere wish that the value of the domain name will go for as high as $10 million.

Hugo Dalrymple-Smith, London, Sales Manager for Sedo, commented, "This is the premium generic domain in a very competitive market. Gaming is one of the leading online businesses, and offers the chance for one company to stand out above others."

The domain attracts about 300 000 unique visits a month according to the Google search engine rankings this is excellent. Media Corporation was forced to exit the American market when online gambling was banned in that country leaving Media Corp holding a domain name that did not perform as well after the restrictions were imposed. Drummond said,  " does not contribute too much to revenues at the month, and the value we realise from this sale will allow us to make further acquisitions,”





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