Greek Football Association Shuts Down Amid Illegal Betting Charges

Published Monday, June 06, 2011 -

The Greek gambling industry is lucrative and potentially profitable for the government and punters. That being said the Greek jurisdiction is going through huge changes that could jeopardize the future of the industry and revenues generated by the games.

Authorities in Greece recently notified the press that seven people have been charged with contravening Greek gambling laws by placing bets on matches they knew were corrupt.
The scandal has disrupted the professional football association’s operations for the time being with the organization suspending all future games. The action is in response to allegations of match-fixing and will give the group a chance to analyze the situation and hopefully fix it. The investigation into problems revealed by, the European football’s governing body, UEFA, into irregular betting patterns during the 2009 and 2010 domestic season has now lead to the Greek Football Association suspending all activities while various reforms are put on the table.

The fifteen day moratorium on matches will happen during the off season for Greece’s football clubs. This will go on until the end of August with a concession that a friendly game scheduled for June 7th in New York between Ecuador and Greece will be allowed to take place.
Along with seven people already charged with betting on fixed matches, another eight suspects are currently under official investigation after they won over €15,000 each on the football pools offered by the state.

Violence at matches has also been a reason for the temporary suspension. The Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) President Sofoklis Pilavios announced news of the suspension after EPO delegates approved the move by a 49 to 7 margin.  Pilavios stated, “We are facing a very major problem of violence. We have a choice to make: Do we want football in the hands of hooligans, violence, and match-fixers, forgers, and liars? A game with deals made under the table, exploited by politicians, a game of violence and threats? Or do we want a game based on strong institutions and rules and strong moral grounding?”





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