CTXM Casino Software To Power More Cake Network Partners

Published Friday, January 07, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

CTXM is a developer of efficient turnkey solutions, including gaming foundation platforms, online casino software, fixed odds games and payment solutions.
Since 2004, CTXM has developed over 100 gaming applications, 20 titles for PC, XBOX Live and iPhone and has co-published over 100 casual game titles in Central and Eastern Europe.
CTXM and Cake Network have announced they will continue to extend their partnership with the launch of CTXM casino on another seven Cake Network partner sites.

The Cake Network is a custom tailored provider that keeps its partners operating with solutions that fit the exact needs of those partners. It makes no difference if the partner wants to add a new game to their site or simply upgrade existing offerings Cake Network can modify and adjust the solution for a specific need keeping the integrity, flexibility and liquidity intact. Cake Network maintains a highly sophisticated plan that offers only the best solutions to its stable of world class partners.

Marketing director of the Cake Network, Andrew Turner, commented, “We share the same corporate values as CTXM and have complementary business models, making our partnership a natural one,” Turner added, “We believe that providing casino games alongside poker assists our partners in differentiating the poker players’ experience and maximizing their players’ value.”

Udy Yosha, Chief Executive Officer at CTXM said, “From the start of our cooperation with Cake Network we have worked hard to reduce the time to market of our solutions to a minimum. Thus we have significantly refined our integration process so that our clients can launch as quickly as possible. In fact, going live with our casino can take as little as two weeks,”
The newly-launched Poker Player Café was one of the seven new partners adding CTXM software.
Patricia Roberts, marketing director for Poker Player Café commented, “At Poker Player Café we run the best site for casual players that want a different experience and who wish their money would last longer. We realize these goals by providing an interactive poker school, a mission and achievement system, as well as an advanced analysis service that generates advice in plain English. Roberts added, “CTXM's casino was a natural decision for us as the cross-sell from poker to casino is strong,”





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