Officials Discuss USA Online Gambling Compacts

Published Wednesday, August 07, 2013 -
Officials Discuss USA Online Gambling Compacts

The liquidity issue concerning the introduction of online poker in Nevada seems to be serious enough to warrant major discussions to resolve the problem. The online gambling ventures that are being introduced in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are getting their acts together to form possible compacts by next year.

A Reuters article recently published an interview with MGM Resorts International’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Murren who revealed that the firm and officials from Nevada are in discussions with New Jersey to create a joint online gaming market. Murren said, "I think it's likely that in 2014 we'll see a compact between New Jersey and Nevada," "We've really been focusing on Nevada's ability to compact with other states, create more liquidity," Murren added.

The Chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, A.G. Burnett, told Reuters he agreed with the approach stating, "Nevada is striving to do what it can in regards to compacts. We do not jump into the fire without having done a lot of cautious research and study into the particulars of such agreements, and that phase is nearing completion,"

"We have a big team that is preparing us on a state-by-state basis and on the states that we believe will be the most productive for us. And we've been working with the state of Nevada on their efforts to compact with other states," Murren continued to explain.

"I think at least 40 of the 50 states are in some stage of debating this internally. The ones most visible are New Jersey, New York State, Illinois and California. "We're providing all the support they ask of us. We've provided Nevada with our government affairs (expertise) and a framework,"

The idea of creating bigger markets is great and compacts would also help create a more uniform regulatory platform and enable states to share resources.

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