Australian Internet Industry Association Advocates Legal Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, November 08, 2011 -

In the international online gambling news the Australian issues seem to be the most interesting. Not only is the current government hanging by a few seats hinging in a big way on the laws regarding internet wagering and poker machines but religious factions are pitted against the entertainment industry.
Now as one would expect there comes into the fray the internet service providers. The Internet Industry Association of Australia is cautioning against placing the responsibility of protecting problem gamblers on internet service providers, instead making the argument that problem gambling must be managed at the point of service access.

The IIA just introduced it review of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. The conclusion the group arrived at said the banning of online betting sites was too difficult to make effective. Their submission read, “The IIA believes that the point of consumption, that is, the end user's device, is the only effective and technically feasible way of controlling access to content on the Internet,”
Having the responsibility of controlling consumer content is also cost prohibitive the IIA contends. The amount of data and applications related to internet gambling is staggering and impossible for Internet Service Providers to police. The review submission continued, “as well as online platforms, which are used by content and service providers to distribute their content and/or services, including gambling content and/or services, should not have gatekeeper responsibilities placed upon them.”

Advocating a regulated licensing model with strict requirements on licensees, the IIA said these measures would help reduce harm and maintain community welfare. On that subject the submission also said, “Not only can problem gamblers access online gaming services provided by offshore providers, who operate under a variety of regulatory regimes, recreational gamblers also can resort to those offshore providers,” It continued, “In other words, Australian online gamblers who participate at offshore sites forego the protection of Australian law and harm reduction requirements when they use offshore gambling providers.”




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