Football Matches Postponed Following London Police Advice

Published Tuesday, August 09, 2011 -
Football Matches Postponed Following London Police Advice

The news from England was really disturbing as video of riots and looting were broadcast world wide. The debt situation in Europe and the states has been also giving investors heart palpitations. The affects of the recent riots in London have given the population reason to stay home and gamble on their favourite teams and play online games without fear of injury.

A prudent decision by Scotland Yard has found numerous sporting events in London cancelled for the time being. The police will step up its efforts to quell the civil disobedience with a force to exceed sixteen hundred officers. The force issued a statement advising sports cubs to postpone any games for the time being to ensure rioters don’t take advantage of the situation. This move could also affect the beginning of the Premier League season.

The Football Association has postponed the national team’s friendly game with Holland. The Football Association  released a statement,
Following the events in Greater London, the FA has this morning held discussions with the Metropolitan Police, the Government and Brent Council. We have received clear advice that due to the sporadic and widespread nature of the unrest there are significant concerns in relation to the available emergency service resource to safely police the fixture.
In light of these concerns regarding policing and emergency service provision the authorities have advised us that under the terms of our safety certificate we are unable to host the fixture, or guarantee the safety of visiting supporters or the teams. For these reasons the game cannot go ahead.
The FA wishes to make clear it is in complete agreement with the advice of the Metropolitan Police, the Government and Brent Council.
The Dutch FA (KNVB) were informed of the decision prior to their scheduled departure from Holland, and we thank them for their co-operation and support during this difficult period.



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