Research Reveals Large Percentage of Quebec Residents Gamble Online

Published Wednesday, November 10, 2010 -

The Belle Province Quebec and specifically the Mohawk Nation that resides independently within the Quebec borders is home to the largest authority for the regulation of online gambling in the world.
A recent study has revealed that a huge number of Quebec residents use the facilities for the opportunity to gamble online.

The survey was conducted by telephone between June and September of 2009 polling 11,888 adults over the age of 18. The Concordia University and the University of Montreal conducted the research in the Montreal area and asked pointed questions about people’s gambling habits, finding that as many as 70 per cent had played lotteries, slot machines, video lottery terminals, poker and other gaming venues in the previous year. The average amount of money spent was $483 per year per person.

Disturbing to the researchers was the fact that they concluded that 41,000 Quebecers could be a risk of becoming addicted to gambling, that is a full or 0.7 per cent of the entire population of the province. A very large number considering that the Quebec government will soon offer online gambling via government run web sites.

Director of Concordia University's Lifestyle and Addiction Research Laboratory, Sylvia Kairouz, said, the youth demographic who play VLTs or gamble online are the most vulnerable to developing a gambling addiction problem. Kairouz commented, "They play more often and spend more substantial amounts of money. Some also reported increased problems associated with alcohol abuse or cannabis use," Kairouz added the survey results point to the importance of reaching out to gamblers before a serious habit is developed.
The study was funded by the Quebec government and it is the first phase of a five-year analysis of gambling in the province, with the next phase to be available in 2012. The research will form the base for a program to deal with the prevention and treatment of gambling related concerns.

Role models for gambling are plenty and fueling the desire to bet are the big winners such as the Quebec poker player Jonathan Duhamel who just won the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.




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