Busted Canadian Online Sports Book Back In Business

Published Sunday, February 10, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com

Canada like other jurisdictions is trying its best to keep a lid on online gambling activities within its borders. The recent high profile bust of PlatinumSB, the online credit betting sports book in Toronto has hit a snag with the web site resurfacing just days later registering itself in jurisdiction off the coast of New Zealand. Authorities arrested a number of people involved in the Super Bowl invitation only event and even convinced the American based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to seize the PlatinumSB.com domain.

The online sports book site has resurfaced as PlatinumSB.tk. The .tk domain belongs to Tokelau, a non self-governing territory off the coast of New Zealand. T An anonymous source told Canada’s National Post newspaper, the site had switched to the new domain within hours of the shutdown, even retaining customers’ old account numbers. “Nothing has changed. Police are making a fool of themselves. This book will never be shut down.” The Tokelau domains were registered in 2004, which offers the possibility that this group of operators were ready for the eventual break down of its original web locations. A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said their investigation was ongoing and “there may well be further charges and action … We will be looking to determine if any of the previously arrested individuals are behind this new site.”

The argument during the raid on the PlatinumSB was that there are big operators from Europe and the United Kingdom that offer their online gambling services without any hindrance from authorities in Canada. Authorities are suggesting the people running this sports book are from organized crime and they must be stopped at all costs. The source who talked to the National Post describes the agents who dealt with the funds in this case as “gentlemen, smart guys. The part where the business starts to get dangerous is when you have guys who don’t pay.”

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