Ontario Canada Union Boss Weighs in on Internet Gambling

Published Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Canada is at the center of a huge sea change in the online gambling world, so close to America and at the same time very far away. Recent announcements that a number of governments have made to establish online casinos and poker for the amusement of provincial residents.
Ontario has made a definite commitment to researching and developing an online presence for gamblers but this may be in serious jeopardy with the critical addition of the unions. Canadian Auto Workers president Ken Lewenza is urging the province to reconsider plans to have the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
Lewenza commented, "Internet gaming facilitates serious gambling addictions wherein participants can spend thousands of dollars without ever leaving their homes or coming into contact with another human being," He added,  "This is very worrisome and could prey on vulnerable populations who could easily fall victim to gambling addictions," Lewenza, whose union represents about 1,000 Ontario Liquor Gaming employees and 7,000 gaming workers nationwide, said the change is so radical it should be put to the public in next year’s provincial vote.
"This issue is important enough that the people of Ontario should decide, in the form of a referendum as part of the 2011 provincial election,"  Lewenza said, with a concern for the impact on casino jobs in already struggling communities like Windsor Ontario.
"It could lead to a loss of jobs at a time when the province cannot afford it. This should also be taken into account."
Stimulation from the web based casinos web site is hoped to encourage people to visit land based facilities and make more purchases of tourist products such as hotel stays and restaurant visits. Canadian provincial governments are in for a steep learning curve as they try to gain valuable insight into the world of online gambling.


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