Online Poker Pro 'Great Dane’ Gus Hansen Bounces Back

Published Saturday, February 12, 2011 -

Just when everyone thought that the ‘Great Dane’ of poker Gus Hansen was down on his luck and may give up and go home, the professional poker player has bounced back. His substantial losses last year may very well have made any other poker professional think twice about sitting down at the green felt again has made a remarkable return to the plus side of the ever changing poker equation. Hansen has this year made an outstanding $2.1 million US dollars playing on the Full Tilt Online Poker room including a million in the last week alone. He won $459,000 US dollars in Cap Pot-limit Omaha in just one day. Fortunes change so fast in the poker world it’s hard to keep up with the statistics.

An unknown player of some status lost $500,000 US dollars in one day. Hansen took the anonymous high-stakes internet player “UarePileous” for more than $315,000 USD during that encounter.
The $500/$1000 Cap Pot-limit Omaha tables saw American professional player and poker instructor Phil Galfond and the ‘Great Dane’ go head to head, with Hansen taking $71,000 USD from Galfond in only one hundred hands. Galfond however rebounded in the end by finishing $240,000 USD ahead.

Fortunes come and fortunes go as they say in the gambling world and the ‘Great Dane’ Hansen is no exception to the rule. Hansen has taken huge chances and is known for his wild and unexpected bets and disturbing bluffs at the Texas Holdem tournaments on television. There has been little consistency seen in his high-stakes online cash game style. He finished a little over a million USD in the hole in 2011 after being up a million and then down 3.5 million later in the year.  Recently the rebound has been strong and Hansen is in one of the top earners for the 2011 season with over five million in his pocket and still going strong. Consistency aside Hansen is doing something right and we will all be watching his charge to the top.





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