The Race Still On For US Online Poker Supremacy

Published Thursday, September 12, 2013 -
The Race Still On For US Online Poker Supremacy

The advantage of being first to offer online poker in the State of Nevada USA has been blown away by the usual details that can put a plan in slow motion.

The launch of Ultimate Poker last spring marked an increased confidence that Nevada would be the designated center for online gambling in America. After all Nevada is the state which based on gambling created a world class destination.

Ultimate poker is part of the Station Casinos owned Fertitta Interactive, which includes online poker operator Ultimate Gaming. It had $1.6 million in operating costs associated with the start-up of Ultimate Poker on April 30. As the first state to regulate online poker Nevada thought it would become the precedent makers, after which all other states would use the model when they decided to offer online poker.

Repeated delays in licensing and software testing are jeopardizing these expectations. New Jersey is very close to its launch of online gambling and Delaware is offering a test free to play at three online casinos. New Jersey could very well scoop the online gambling first of the mark status if Nevada doesn’t sweep the cobwebs off their processing of the newest addition to the gaming industry.

It has been suggested that the Nevada gaming officials are making sure the model of what is to come doesn’t cause problems later on, they just want to get it right. Extensive testing is being done to make sure that the operators conform to the rigid standards set forth by the organization and the State of Nevada. New Jersey may very well get the gold and Atlantic City the hub of internet wagering in America.

Many software problems arise when any new venture is launched. Looking at the recent Ultimate Poker software issues at their start up is a reminder that the devil is in the details.

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