Canadian Television Network to Air W5's 'The Jackpot'

Published Friday, March 12, 2010 -

Kahnawake, Bodog, Aruba, Calvin Ayre, all have a common thread, online gambling. Coming soon this March 13, 2010 the CTV television network from Canada will air an expose called 'The Jackpot', which deals with the development of online gambling in Canada and native territories. W5 is an in depth documentary television series that attempts and succeeds in making the public aware of the ins and outs of various controversial subjects. Anton Koschany a television journalist with 36 years experience as a news magazine and documentary producer, has been W5's Senior Producer since 1998. His choice of subjects has been everything from used car scams and health concerns, to families enduring nightmare neighbours in Toronto. This documentary on online gambling is hosted by veteran award-winning journalist, Victor Malarek who brings a hard-hitting investigative style to the world of internet gambling. Featured is the Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre who started the Bodog brand of online casinos operating out of the Mohawk Nation within the province of Quebec. W5 delivers factual and comprehensive programmes and this latest offering claims to trace the roots of online gambling from the Mohawk Indians of the Kahnawake Reserve to a global industry worth billions of dollars a year. Publicity for the topical program has said the show, "delves into the world of online gambling, a story that takes viewers from the sandy shores of Caribbean tax haven Antigua, to Quebec's Kahnawake Reserve, the unlikely world capital of online gambling," press releases added, "Constantly proving itself as the most-relevant current affairs program in the country, W5 looks at how a small group of Mohawks of Kahnawake have created a gambling Mecca to rival Las Vegas and Monaco, while defying Canadian and American laws," Calvin Ayre is described as, "...a one-time pig farmer who became a billionaire with, one of the world's leading online gambling sites." The Jackpot will also feature scenes from the Caribbean tax haven of Antigua where Ayre is seen enjoying the playboy lifestyle in fine fashion. This show sheds light on the ever changing and evolving world of internet gambling and how it is shaping gambling habits around the globe.







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