Odds Are Already Online For Next Year's Superbowl

Published Sunday, February 13, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

There are rumblings in the sports world that the National Football League in the USA could have some serious labour issues which is getting fans of the USA style football concerned that there will not be enough time to schedule a game in London, England. Evidence of the growing popularity of the game in the UK was there when approximately 38,000 attended a fan rally in Trafalgar Square.
David Tossell, the NFL European director of public affairs, was quoted as saying, “Everything is on hold. We can't move until a collective bargaining agreement is in place.”
It is interesting to note that the British have taken to American Football so wholeheartedly. The last match they enjoyed in a capacity filled Wembley stadium brought ticket prices as high as £100.

Despite the threat of no action next season, the Green Bay Packers are already considered early favourites to take the trophy next season according many bookmakers. The Green Bay team, is the winner of four Super Bowls and 14 NFL titles overall.

Online bookmaker Bodog.com  already has its odds posted for next years match with the Packers at a 7/1 shot to win next season's Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Also listed are the New England Patriots at 15/2, with the Steelers next best at 10/1. Super Bowl gambling in Nevada rose 5.8 percent this year but the sports books made significantly less money. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, bets placed in Nevada's 183 sports books was $87.5 million, up from the $82.7 million wagered on last year's Super Bowl.
Last years profits were tremendous compared to this year. Sports books in Nevada kept a combined $724,176 (£452, 463) from Super Bowl bets this year compared to $6.9m (£4.3m) they took to the bank last year. It’s time to take stock and place your bets early, on who will win American Football's biggest event.




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