Mobile Online Fantasy Sports Expanding in the USA

Published Wednesday, March 13, 2013 -

There are rules about betting on real sports in the USA and then there are rules about betting on fantasy sports in the USA. It is sometimes a task to sort out the differences but all and all it is obvious they are very different.

Fantasy sports web sites are growing in popularity and the Daily fantasy sports websites are a big part of that growth. There seems to be no problem finding the money to invest in such websites as a few leaders in the daily fantasy sports industry report million in seed cash coming their way. What is interesting is the fact that there are number of legal questions being posed as to whether this activity is entirely legal.

The CEO of FanDuel a website dedicated to daily fantasy sports, Nigel Eccles said in an interview with FORBES, “Concerning the comment that daily games are akin to the flip of a coin…we have done statistical analysis as to the skill nature of the game and we can actually show that it is skill-predominant.” Eccles continued, ”We can show that a highly skilled player beats a non-skilled player ninety percent of the time.” League executives are concerned that the daily fantasy sports web gaming locations are making it essentially a gambling on sports experience something most league representatives are firmly against. New technology on the internet is creating a exciting gaming experience for the player of fantasy sports not to mention rewards.

The exploding use of mobile online devises is also contributing to the fantasy sports player attraction. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association which partners with Ipsos for market size research puts the estimated size of the fantasy sports market in the U.S.A in 2012 at around 35 million Americans, and the estimated cash value of that market is somewhere in the $1 billion range.

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