2016 Olympics In Rio Mobile Online Gambling Ready

Published Monday, January 14, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com

The Olympic Games has a reputation for being pure and unscathed by corruption, match fixing, or drug enhanced performances. That doesn’t mean however that gambling doesn’t go on during the international competitions. In fact a great deal of punter action takes place during the games and bookies take full advantage of the opportunity to offer their services to the public. Book makers were unexpectedly surprised during the recent London Olympic Games when the men’s football final, saw 21,700 bets placed. Another popular event with punters was the premier event, the men’s 100 metres final that garnered 17,800 wagers.

Richard Thomas, Head of PR operations for William Hill revealed after the games, “Football, tennis, basketball and athletics were our best sports for turnover. Predictably, the sports where we performed brilliantly, or where our high-profile athletes prospered were not good, and we showed a loss on rowing and athletics,” Thomas added, “We did our best to bet in-play on as many events as possible. If it wasn’t over in 9.63 seconds, then we offered in-running betting. This was really embraced by Olympics punters and accounted for 50% of total turnover.” As the Olympic Games gears up for Rio in 2016 the books are also getting their affairs in order to accommodate the betting on the athletes and competitions.

South America and Asia are as connected as anyone when it comes to online wagering so the expectation is there will be a spike in online gambling activity during the 2016 event. As mobile gambling becomes even more pronounced in the future it is likely the volume of wagers could explode. Although the time difference for betting in Europe may interrupt some punters for entering the market that isn’t an issue for those in North America or in the Far East. Online gambling is forgiving in so much as it can be accomplished anywhere and at anytime. Advances in mobile technology are sure to occur by 2016 so who knows what the future will bring for the bookies who are ready to take your bet.

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