Survey Reveals Women Are Online Gambling More

Published Thursday, March 14, 2013 -

A recent walk through a big terrestrial tribal casino in Canada revealed that a large percentage of gamblers were women. Interesting also was the percentage of an older demographic present in the casino. While the Asian population was well represented especially at the baccarat tables there were a lot of people gravitating to the new roulette and dice tables.

A survey conducted in the United Kingdom has revealed that online gambling is evenly split between men and women with women making up 48.48 percent of punters using online gambling services. The most common forms of gaming practiced by females are slot games and of course bingo. The development of new presentation methods on the web and the great variety of slots is attracting many new players to the activity. A British Gambling Preference Survey also confirmed the growing trend that women are punting more on the net bypassing what stigmas are attached to women when gambling.

The old pictures of women sitting pretty beside a gentleman in a tuxedo smoking a cigar have been replaced by a woman sitting at a computer keyboard playing her cards close to the chest. The stereo typical men only poker game has evolved on the internet to a gender neutral place where the player can be anyone, old, young, male or female. The online gambling operators have noticed the trend toward an increased female presence in online casinos and are specifically targeting women in advertizing and offerings. There are now exclusive women oriented poker sites that cater to the female preferences.

Many women now feel comfortable playing online casino games that they felt were at one time aimed at only men. Looking again at the terrestrial casino the games are more glitzy than ever with huge screens and lots of noise. Now with big screen TV’s and sense around sound the same experience can be had at home. There are dangerous consequences for men implied here as men may now come home to a woman who says “dinner is in the microwave I’m having too much fun playing bingo online.”

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