Australian Greens Want Changes To Sports Betting Ads

Published Tuesday, May 14, 2013 -
Australian Greens Want Changes To Sports Betting Ads

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald news source there is a bill in the works in the Federal Parliament that will limit gambling advertizing during sporting events. The Green’s are preparing a 20,000 signature petition to accompany the proposed legislation.

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale will introduce the proposition by informing the Parliament, ''It is now virtually impossible to watch major sports without being subjected to multiple exhortations to bet on the outcome, either during the advertising breaks or, increasingly, by commentators during the event itself.

It is been discussed by many how commentary for cash by announcers is become an invasive form of ad campaign waged by the betting industry. ''The recent inclusion of a prominent bookmaker as part of the rugby league coverage has caused concern for many,'' Di Natale said.

He continued to explain the policy of the major parties self-regulation with consequences has failed to produce a satisfactory situation. ''Given the strictly adult nature of the product, many people are concerned about this overexposure to children and the way in which it may be normalising the connection between gambling and sport for them,'' adding, ''The problem has escalated to the point where there is real potential for harm to children, setting them up as a new generation of problem gamblers.''

This Senator believes the lines are being made far to blurry and feels the bill to ban live odds, restrict advertising and put an end to ''perhaps the most corrosive way that gambling has intruded into team sport'', the gambling expert. ''It would prevent such situations, where bookmakers join the commentary team, or where commentators slip references to odds or gambling services into their remarks about the game.''

This bill the Senator says closes a loophole here it is possible for children to see sporting events and associate those events with gambling. Sounds like a logical approach to an intimidating situation for parents and politicians.

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