Florida Internet Cafe Gambling Lawyer Convicted

Published Monday, October 14, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
Florida Internet Cafe Gambling Lawyer Convicted

The recent trial in Florida regarding the lawyer involved with the Allied Veterans internet cafés fiasco has turned bad for the attorney.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty on over one hundred of the charges he faced in the jurisdiction. Six years since the lawyer said he just gave legal advice to Allied Veterans the Florida lawyer, Kelly Mathis is now facing lengthy jail term for his involvement in the scheme.

Jurors deliberated for over fourteen hours in the case finding Mathis guilty of possessing slot machines and helping to operate illegal gambling activities. The sentencing will come for Mathis in February.

Repercussions from the exposed internet café gambling deal include the banning of internet cafes throughout the state of Florida and the resignation of the Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll who worked as a consultant for the Allied Veterans of the World Charity. Carroll did not admit and was not accused of any wrongdoing in the case. Over fifty more individuals face charges in the case that brought down the front for illegal online gambling which was estimated to have taken in $300 million of which a very small percentage actually went to the charity. The exposed online gambling ring created controversy not only in Florida but in other US jurisdictions causing internet cafes to be examined by authorities with more scrutiny.

Responding to the conviction the lawyer Kelly Mathis commented, “I gave legal advice as an attorney, that’s all I did. Attorneys all over the nation need to be very afraid when six years after you give legal advice, somebody disagrees with that legal advice and they convict you of a crime.”

Prosecutor Nick Cox responded by saying, “You can’t use the practice of law as a shield. It doesn’t make me happy to convict a lawyer. What message does that send to the public?” As many as half of those convicted have struck deals with prosecutors, including former Allied Veterans of the World corporate heads Johnny Duncan and Jerry Bass.

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