Speculation Nevada Making Rules for Online Gambling

Published Sunday, March 14, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Nevada USA is host to many billion dollar casinos and hotels and that investment has been getting more difficult to manage. The stake holders want to protect their holdings from the domino effect should the climate of the economy get even tougher. It has been speculated that the Nevada Gaming Control Board is in the process of creating rules to govern casino operators that have business relationships with online gambling websites. The board members want to be sure that the regulations for online gambling activities are up to date and ready should internet gambling become legal in the USA. As things stand now most casino licensees are unrestricted to have divisions that deal with online gambling. A spokesperson for the board, Randall Sayre, said, "some gaming licensees play carefully by the rules and others do not," he added, "We don't have a policy and clearly the board needs to boil down exactly what the policy needs to be." Technically some issues are in a grey zone with things such as the advertising of free online casino sites and the use of the dot net versus dot com mirror sites to attract players. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has to straighten out these difficult to craft rules and policies before the situation becomes uncontrollable.

Advertising itself is a major concern for the rule makers. Land-based casinos have a defined set of guidelines that are strictly adhered to but these rule don't necessarily apply to online casinos and gambling. The industry is in a transitional period looking for a base line to make things fair and transparent. Rules and regulations for the gambling industry have kept it from falling prey to unscrupulous operators. Rules for the online sector will keep the industry secure and trouble free. Companies such as Harrahs who have already ventured into the interactive gambling market have not commented but are hopeful that guidelines will be forth coming soon.











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