Internet Wagering Where Will It Go From Here?

Published Sunday, December 19, 2010 -

The world of online gambling looks promising and yet challenging in the future and as we approach the end of 2010 it easy to say it was an exciting year. Making connections on the internet has never been easier with technology creating a more colourful, faster, more realistic environment.
We are all asking the question what’s next and where will the internet take us from here? Internet wagering has become a major industry over the last fifteen years or so with the usual growing pains and troubles but it has also made significant strides on legal and regulation issues. Granted, a major set back was experienced when the Bush government banned online gambling in the USA and stripped many internationally recognized companies to the bone. 
Those same firms have bounced back and excelled in forming positive new markets in Europe and South America, with some even making plans to enter the USA again should the market open up there again.
The economic crisis in the States and other financial difficulties in the European Union have kept the land based gambling industry flying by the seat of it’s pants but at the same time online gambling has experienced a surge in interest with strong growth for some major operators that were smart enough see the trend towards the net.
Poker has become a very popular past time around the world leading the way for operators who supply the technology and a safe environment to those avid players.
Social media has become big creating a place where friends meet to compete and talk the talk and play the game.
Thousands of jobs have been created by online gambling in many jurisdictions. Jobs for tech people, financial people, advertisers and so many more service related industries to many to mention. Gambling online can be very entertaining allowing even people who can’t travel to distant casinos to experience the thrill of placing a few bets on their favourite team or playing a game of poker from home with others almost anywhere on the planet.
To answer the question, where will internet betting take us in 2011, the sky is the limit. 


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