PPA in USA Still Optimistic Legalized Poker Will Come

Published Sunday, December 19, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The Poker Players Alliance in the USA is one very big group of poker players and has some serious influence in America’s political spheres when it comes to regulating and legalizing the game. The big issue being the debate as to weather poker is a game of skill or pure chance.
Executive Director John Pappas appeared on Bloomberg Television to discuss the bill before Congress that intends to legalize and regulate online poker which was recently introduced by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a Democrat from the gambling State of Nevada.
Touted as a political bargaining chip online poker and internet wagering has been folded into other issues such as gays in the military and tax relief but has not lost it’s place in the rights and freedoms debate both sides of the political fence are keeping alive and vibrant.
Next year, 2011 the House of Representatives will swing towards a Republican majority and the Democrat members will be out voiced by those on the political right.
In the short but intence interview on television Pappas optmistically commented,“I don’t know how any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, can be happy with the status quo. They passed a bill in 2006 that tried to prohibit internet gambling, but it’s grown. Millions of Americans continue to play online poker and they’re doing it without any of the protections the Federal Government could provide.”
As the Congressional session come to a close, Pappas also said, “Unfortunately, I think Congress is missing an opportunity to get this done and get it done sooner than later. I think next year is really our next best venue. The vehicles this year just didn’t add up to get a bill done and there was really no way to get the bill as a standalone measure anytime in the last week or so. I just don’t think there’s any way it’s going to happen now.”
After revealations in the Associated Press about the rising unemployment rate in the USA Pappa commented, “The bills that have been introduced would mandate that these companies establish a presence here in the U.S. These are high-tech, high-paying jobs that internet gaming companies generate. It’s not cocktail waitresses at a casino. These are really high-tech jobs, from software security to software development as well as customer service.”






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