Super Bowl XLVIII Online Betting in New Jersey

Published Sunday, January 19, 2014 -
Super Bowl XLVIII Online Betting in New Jersey

The Super Bowl in America is one of the biggest and most wagered on sporting events in that nation even though it is illegal to bet on sports in many of the US jurisdictions.

The Super Bowl XLVIII brings much more than football to New York and New Jersey. Throughout the weeks preceding the game, more than 35 charitable activities and community outreach events will enliven and enrich the community and provide lasting legacies.

New Jersey with its recently legalized online betting platform is hosting the big game on February 2nd at the MetLife Stadium. The estimates are that $10 billion or more will be wagered in all forms on the game.

A challenge by the National Football League and other sports organizations have put a damper on the online betting aspect in New Jersey. Although the Garden State has legalized online casino games and poker in the jurisdiction the permission has not yet been granted for sports betting by the Federal courts.

Technically the office betting pools or any other kind of sports betting pools, even with friends, do count as illegal bookmaking under a 1992 federal law that allows sports wagering in only the states of Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon.

But local, state and federal law-enforcement authorities say there is little time to investigate small-stakes operations. Peter Harvey, former federal prosecutor and New Jersey attorney general commented, “While they technically violate the law, nobody cares,” Harvey continued, “They are designed to build camaraderie around colleagues and just to have some fun.”

Officials and law enforcement personnel are not terribly concerned about gambling as long as the stakes are low and the house isn’t taking a cut off the top. The authorities have said their main concern is for the safety of those attending the game. Lt. Stephen Jones of the New Jersey State Police said, “Gambling is not as important as the primary public safety issue,”

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