Sweden's ICYOU and China's Bele Group Join Forces

Published Thursday, February 05, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

The Swedish based company ICYOU, founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Fredrik Nilsson, has announce it has joined forces with Bele Group (HK) Ltd. of China to open up the Chinese online gaming market.

ICYOU's business ideal is a global media and marketing concept. ICYOU's, Interactive City, is a virtual world based on high end computer game technology, providing great interactivity and quality graphics. This cyber world will bring opportunities to build trademarks, advertise, sell products and services, in a market as yet untapped.

Bele group (HK) Ltd. has a proven track record in mainland China with a consumer base of an estimated 300,000 participants.

Founded in 2004, Bele Group (HK) Ltd. is primarily focused on developing it's 3D Mahjong software. Bele Group (HK) Ltd. licenses its platform to third party operators in many gaming environments. Bele Group Ltd. will soon launch the Mahjong platform in 50,000 internet cafes in China.

CEO of ICYOU Lars-Erik Ottenvall, says, " We are really looking forward to the possibility to open up the Asian market a lot faster than originally planned". "With the long experience of the Asian market of gaming and gambling community Bele Group has, it will be invaluable to ICYOU's Interactive City. Bele Group will help brand Interactive City to the only place where virtual activities of users turn into real value".

Bele Group (HK) Ltd will be part of developing the Interactive City technology. The evaluation site in China this year will give Bele Group (HK) a chance to research each part of Interactive City's services.

Interactive City is a virtual world that will engage a combined virtual and real life economy. It's free market status will be open to domestic and foreign developers of online gambling opportunities.

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